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February 2023 - Humble Crumble – Old Spitalfields Market / Borough Market, London

Humble Crumbles concept is simple but genius – everyone loves crumble so who won’t love a pimped up crumble.

I have been stalking Humble Crumbles viral dessert on Instagram for some time so was a top priority when I was in London. They currently have 2 stalls – one in Borough Market and one in Old Spitalfields Market. But be warned both are super busy at the weekend - I got an insider tip from one of the other traders in Spitalfields market that the queue only gets longer as the day goes on so if you want to avoid the queues go early.
It is also worth knowing that Humble Crumble take quality of their produce and sustainability very seriously (check out their web page for details - HUMBLE | Humble Crumble ( ) so surely this is guilt free crumble on all levels.

The Food

OK so you can tailor your order to make your “perfect crumble”.

Firstly, there is a selection of fruits to choose from – when I was there it was apple and cinnamon or mixed berries or blackberry and cherry (although I think these do change) and if you can’t decide there is a 50/50 option.

Secondly its crumble time, you can have classic shortbread, vegan shortbread or superfood granola. You can also choose the ratio of crumble to fruit you would like which I think is amazing as this is one of the most controversial questions in the dessert world.

Lastly come the toppings, you can have vanilla custard (hot or cold), frozen vanilla custard, whipped cream, blowtorched marshmallow, yogurt or a crème brulee top. I think this is the most difficult decision yet but you can order more than one topping which helps!

I opted for the mixed berries with hot vanilla custard and blowtorched marshmallow with a dusting of rose petals to finish it off and it was 10 / 10 delicious. The mixed berries are quite tart which meant it wasn’t too sweet and I managed to demolish the whole lot in minutes.

Since there are so many combinations you can go back time and time again and still have something “new”. Next on my list is it frozen custard which looks like Mr Whippy Ice Cream (plenty of pictures of this on Instagram!)

Final Thoughts

Yes, the queue is normally long. Yes, it’s only crumble. But it is amazing and 100% worth standing in the queue for! If you are in London, check it out and you won’t be disappointed. It was £6.50 for a regular and £8 for a large and upgrades such as superfood granola and extra toppings are an additional 50p!
I travelled from Edinburgh to try this out and I am so glad I did. Will still be top of the list next time I visit.
Find lots more information about humble crumble here: Artisan Crumbles | Home | Humble Crumble (


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