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January - the worst month of the year ... or is it?

#dryjanuary - the expectation you can go a month without drinking after a month filled with drinking and not feel like you are missing out!

We spend December partying with friends, hitting the town, meeting new people and living "our best life" ... or at least that is how it feels when we reflect on it in January. We forget the 2 day hangovers, the late night taxi queues, the mistakes we would rather forget and focus on all the stuff we cant do now we are not drinking. We view January is a month to get through, to make it to February, to forget.

January is the same as every other month, its our perception that is the problem. Of course it is, your body is trying to recover from a month of pre-noon Processcos, wine by the bottle and numerous shots you cant even remember until you see the photos. Your bank balance is not only recovering from Christmas presents but from all the "this rounds on me" whilst drunk and having no concept of the amount of money being "invested" into getting hammered. Your relationships are on a knife edge after a month of coming home later than planned, cancelling on friends because you are too hungover to see them or getting off with someone you shouldn't have at the Christmas party. You can't expect to live like that for a month and not have consequences can you? And January pays the price.

But, January really is the same as every other month when you are not drinking. Your energy levels are high, your focus to make plans for the year ahead is unwavering and the memories of Christmas sparkle. It feels exciting to have a new year ahead to make new possibilities. Januarys short days and long dark nights make a perfect excuse to cosy in and start planning out your adventures for the year or creating new routines or meeting those like minded people who are similarly crazy enough to go running in the rain on a dark night just to get out and exercise! Restaurants often run discounts which you can take advantage of, friends are keen to go for walks rather than to the pub and there is nothing better than a cold crisp winter walk to make you feel alive!

When you take the time to really experience what January has to offer, drinking or not, you start to see what makes it special and a month to be cherished not to be wished away!

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