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I am Jill, live in Edinburgh, dog mum, aspiring runner and love all things food and travelling related.

For me food and travelling go hand in hand as I don’t think there is a better way to get to know somewhere than sitting in a local café or restaurant, eating the food, chatting to the staff and watching the world go by. I have been lucky enough to travel extensively eating in Michelin starred restaurants in Madrid to trying street food in Thailand and everything in between.

I don’t profess to be a cook or a chef (this is probably why I eat out so much) but have a passion for trying new places with new people and creating memories through food. In 2019, I started a meetup group (eat,drink,laugh) with the intention of doing exactly that and we have events a couple of times a month to connect people through food. As there is a focus on connection, as well as food, these meetups are normally kept small (around 6 – 8 people) so we can all get to know each other . If this sounds good, feel free to join the group! Ps this is not a sober only group - all welcome and encouraged!

Finally, throughout 2022 I re-assessed my relationship with alcohol and decided to give it up. This hasn’t been easy when there is a culture of a glass of wine with dinner and pre and post meal cocktails but it’s something which I am continuing to explore so I will dedicate a bit of this blog to “The Alcohol Free life” for anyone that’s interested and you will find me recommending mocktails over wine pairings. How times have changed!

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