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So I decided to start a blog ... maybe its about 10 years too late and I should be Tik Toking or something instead but oh well here I am.

I am Jill, mid 30s with a passion for eating out, creating a space that likeminded people can connect over good food and recently alcohol free. For years I have said I should create something so I am able to reflect on all the experiences I have had, restaurants I've tried and all things in between but I have never really actively pursued it ... until now!! I I feel its time to create something for me to focus on, unleash my (very) hidden creative side and maybe make a few friends along the way.

So how did I get here:

It all started in 2019, unexpectedly my life changed from "the plan" and I found myself living in Edinburgh with my dog and finding it really difficult to find a friendship group. I am sure people can resonate when I say trying to make friends in your 30s is hard!

After googling how to make friends, where to meet people etc I stumbled across the Meetup Platform. I had never heard of it before let alone been to a #Meetup but I decided to take the plunge and start up a group - Eat, Drink, Laugh.

At the start I was worried no one would join, and was almost embarrassed by it - why did I need to "advertise" for friends, what would people think, what if no-one joined! After 4 years, and a worldwide pandemic, I have an amazing group of over 500 people who meet regularly for dinner around Edinburgh. Each month there is always a mixture of new faces and people who come back time and again, creating friendships and memories. Although there are a lot of members, each meetup is small (around 6 - 8 people) as I am keen people get to connect with one another, learn about how they ended up in the group and make an inviting space for anyone new. I am now immensely proud of the group I have created, I tell everyone I meet about it and I hope I will get to that stage with this blog sometime in the future!

So Alcohol Free lifestyle you say?

In 2022, I decided to play around with going alcohol free and towards the end of 2022 I decided to make the decision to go completely alcohol free. I drank socially like most but the hangovers were awful and it created anxiety in my day to day life which I didn't need. At the same time, a new app had been launch called #Dryy - this app connects people exploring a sober lifestyle (whether its a short break or a lifestyle change) and this was the catalyst for me to commit to "giving it ago". I really haven't looked back since. Obviously December was a challenge but I am enjoying the benefits it brings each day and the opportunities it gives me.

So what is this blog about?

The main purpose is for me to have a space to share thoughts and recommendations with others as well as letting people know there are likeminded people out there to connect with - you just need to know how to find them.

I will be writing a weekly blog about life, eating out and my alcohol free adventure as well as sharing content on Instagram around places I have eaten, recommendations for a good mocktail and any other stuff that comes up!

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy the page.

Jill x

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